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Dancer | Choreographer | Educator | Entrepreneur


Hello there,

My name is David K Bagley, born country and raised out in the woods of central Texas. My life has taken me all over the globe from a very early age and I often find myself rarely in one place for an extended period of time. It’s an exhausting lifestyle, but it has been very rewarding. My experiences have introduced me to many influences, people, cultures, and artists that I have come to love and respect.

Personally, I made this website to introduce the world to my perspectives and voice as an artist as well as to create a resource center of information and training methods for all my personal students. I have always had a passion for sharing first-hand professional knowledge, experiences, and traits to my students. I always strive to pull and present the best out of people in all the ways that I can. I am hoping this website will lead to new connections and benefit all those willing to be trained under my guidance.

A little bit about me:

In my professional life, I have traveled the world working as a dance artist, choreographer, educator, master instructor, and entrepreneur. I have been rigorously working since an early age. Throughout my years of working in the entertainment and dance industries I have had the honor and opportunity to travel the world and perform with a panoply of reputable artists, working alongside celebrities Jerry Lewis, Richard Dreyfus, Sandra Bullock, Mitzi Gaynor, Cathy Rigby,  Taylor Kitsch, The Prince and Princess of Monaco, Pentatonix, Twenty One Pilots, Tracy Southern, Natalita, Tony Oller, Myke Terry, and countless others.

As a Dancer and Performer, I have been a part professional companies by the likes of:

I have taken part in a variety of productions by:

As an Educator, Judge, Master Instructor, and Choreographer I have worked with acclaimed institutions such as:

  • peridance-capezio-center
  • Whittier College
    Team OC
  • The Dance Corner
    McCoy Rigby
    Joffrey Ballet School
    Tokyo The Academy
  • The Rage Entertainment Complex
    Pacific Coast Academy of Dance
    MUV Dance and Fitness
  • Leander Blue Belles Dance Team
    Knotts Berry Farm
    Kemper Dance Academy
  • Impact Dance Center
    Fullerton Union High School
    Focus Dance Center
  • Edge pac
    Dancers Workshop Austin
    Dunamix Dance Project
  • CPHS Celebrities
    Camp Regis Applejack
    BZ Utopia
  • BZ Class






My pupils are represented by some of LA’s top dance and model agencies, have won national dance and pageant titles, college and performing arts high school scholarships, national grants, awards, and scholarships, contributed to various charity organizations, and have performed all over the world as current working professionals with some of the entertainment industry’s bests. I am very proud of their progressive accomplishments and strive to nurture any endeavors they choose to take on.

Some of their credits include local and national commercials, Immabeast Dance Company, Westside Dance Project, The Ellen Show, Nickelodeon, SYTYCD, Ellen’s Ultimate Dance Battle, Lifetime Channel’s “Dance Moms”, Cabaret for a Cause, Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”, Industry Dance Awards etc…

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Linds HS

David Bagley has taught my daughter for over six years as a teacher and choreographer.  This comprehensive training with David has given her knowledge and the ability to audition in front of casting agents and perform at an advanced level in contemporary  within the dance industry.David puts his students at ease the moment they step into his class. The classes are very well organized and challenging. David's hard work that he demonstrated throughout class is contagious! He values each student's expectations and abilities. He utilizes his personal knowledge and education when developing a dancer through proper stretching techniques and core strengthening. David's effortless illustration of movement helps them reach far beyond most traditional classes. The dancers are able to see his demonstration of technique along with choreography.  David is very knowledgable of the physical challenges young dancers face and are striving to master. He breaks down the movement, physically fixes his dancers and challenges them to grow individually and as a group. Whether the setting is private or a group class, David works extremely hard to assist every dancer from beginning to end. We value David's teaching style because he doesn't ever stop helping students. He isn't reluctant to fix a dancer's body lines or push them hard to get to the next level. David Bagley is a true dance teacher and strives to only make the best dancers under his training.

Linds Action

Don and Diane Prescott May 12, 2016

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I have had the opportunity to embellish, manipulate, collaborate, and manifest many ideas, characters, scenarios, and experiences into movement based realities.

Choreography gives me and my dancers fruition, a chance to make substantial statements. I would love to create something for you! If you are interested in personal choreography for you or your group, I would love to work with you. CLICK HERE.




I, David Bagley, am a firm believer that one must have an in-depth teaching philosophy before he/she takes on the responsibility of educating any emerging artist. Many times teachers often get lost in teaching the mechanics of subject matter and often forget to stress the importance of any artistic philosophy involved. It is key to self-development. Without philosophy, one doesn’t have the creative seeds to grow from. But like the human spirit, I try to keep my philosophies always in a state of perseverance and adaptation, so my methods are always changing for each particular individual.

My outlook as a teacher is not to teach at my students, but rather teach them how to learn and apply content so as they can continue to grow and teach themselves when I am no longer there. I adapt my teachings to and for each individual. For me, I personally try to see each student’s true potential. I try identifying their goals and passions, pull it out of them, and then present it back to them in a way that makes them want to pursue the better idea of himself or herself… I get to know them.

My styles of different methods are rooted in a clear teacher to student relationship emphasizing on lectures, demonstration, hands-on approach, theories, history, artistic development, and many engaging exercises and tests. I believe passing down personal knowledge and professional experiences will better help students learn how to conduct themselves to a professional standard and to be the next generation to set the new standard of great work ethic. It will also teach them tools to creatively and strategically overcome personal plateaus.

I stress the importance of the deliberate practice of one’s craft and how consistency will lead to progressive growth. It has been very beneficial in my education and journey, so I feel the need to pass down knowledge about how to push yourself in different ways so your progress doesn’t halt. I use and teach many tools to help with all areas of creativity and its application to pushing mental and physical limits. I also help them distinguish the idea of talent vs. skill. This helps them use both in a complementary manner, rather than just relying on one.

Fear of failure is a lesson I go over a lot, in fact, I provoke my students to take risks that don’t, at all times, work. I believe with the more failed attempts at something you will learn what doesn’t work and can better adapt your approach. It allows them to be more thorough with their personal manipulation of their craft.

I have a lot of influences that I apply to my art. Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and experience many parts of the world and their cultures. I use all of this to draw from and show my students to use their knowledge and worth to create and push themselves.

At times, I fuse multiple dance styles/techniques or different aspects of eclectic performing arts. In choreography, I often include many cultural themes, ideas, concepts, and stories. I also use other art to inspire me creatively and it is a big part of drawing inspiration. I hope to make my students more optimistic about the knowledge and influence different avenues of art have for them. I feel their understanding of choices and combinations will help influence and define them as people and artists. It will only better aid them in their quest of self-discovery.

I am extremely passionate about providing knowledge and professional opportunities to hungry dancers and always strive to provide the most progressive training for each individual I have the pleasure of working with. I do custom, always evolving, workout plans so that each one of my private clients gets the most out of their training. I use an intense array of fused training methods and perspectives to provide optimal success for my clients to achieve their dance goals. If interested in group training, workshops, or master classes CLICK HERE.


PUSH Dance Intensive

David K Bagley is Co-Creator and Co-Owner of PUSH Dance Intensive.

PUSH Dance Intensive’s mission is to offer a series of master classes structured to encourage and inspire ambition and artistry. We offer affordable and customizable intense training opportunities with expert artists, educators, and choreographers.

Our unique “Book an Intensive” method offers a quick and easy experience in designing your dance intensive.

PUSH offers the following styles and unique specialty experiences:

Jazz Lyrical
Contemporary Modern
PUSH Technique Tap/Hoofing
Contemporary Ballet Technique Classical Ballet Technique
Leaps and Turns Transitions
Hip Hop Jazz Funk
Grooves Heels
Inversions/Floorwork Partnering
Conditioning Stretch
Music for Dancers Acting for Dancers
Improvisation Choreography Composition
Fusion Dance Extension
Dance History Dance for Film
Q & A’s Mock Auditions
Open Performance Critique Sessions Performance Showcases








Performances with one or multiple dancers can be arranged.

Master classes, workshops and private training sessions are available.

Customized choreography projects available.


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